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Weize Guy – Hefeweizen

Looking for that light, delicious wheat beer? This ale is pale, spicy, fruity, and refreshing all at the same time! This German style wheat features banana and clove flavors from the yeast. It is served delightfully cloudy and it’s the ultimate thirst-quencher on hot days.
ABV: 4.9%, IBUs: 13.0, $5/pint $15/pitcher $20/growler

Hip Hops Hooray – India Pale Ale

Hippity hoppity brew! This American-style IPA has swagger, and features loads of hops from the Pacific Northwest added late in the boil and through dry-hopping to bring out juicy citrus flavors and piney floral aromas.
ABV: 6.6%, IBUs: 65.0 , $6/pint $18/pitcher $25/growler

Chocolate M.I.L.F.: Microbrew I’d Like to Finish – Chocolate Brown Ale

Get ready to do your body good! Chocolate malt, milk chocolate and cacao nibs contribute the delicate chocolate flavors and aromas to this Northern English-style brown ale.
ABV: 5.2%, IBUs: 24.7, $6/pint $18/pitcher $25/growler


Sap Sucker – Maple Porter

Breakfast in a glass! Sap Sucker is a traditional dark ale with complex flavor and roasty character. This robust porter is the big brother of our brown ale, but with a twist: it’s part of this complete breakfast! Drinking this beer feels like eating a huge plate of delicious pancakes washed down with a big cup of coffee. Rise and shine with our good morning beer!
ABV: 5.5%, IBUs: 44.1, $6/pint $18/pitcher $25/growler

Bock Breaker – Maibock

A strong, spring bock brewed in the winter for the coming spring. This lager is strong and smooth, malt forward , crisp and clean, perfect for the transition of the seasons.
ABV: 7.2%, IBUs: 30.0, $6/pint $18/pitcher $25/growler
Pom Beach – Blueberry Pomegranate Wheat

A clean, crisp American wheat beer fermented with real blueberry and pomegranate juice.
ABV: 4.8%, IBUs: 13.1, $6/pint $18/pitcher $25/growler.

Lageritaville – Mexican Lager

Crisp, light-bodied and refreshing, our Mexican-style lager is the perfect beer for the heat of summer. Brewed authentically with pale malts and flaked corn, go ahead and enjoy with a juicy slice of lime.
ABV: 5.2%, IBUs: 16.8, $6/pint $18/pitcher $25/growler