My family’s Easter feast usually consists of three courses: an appetizer, main course, and a dessert.
We usually start with fruit salad and a good soup. Our Weize Guy Hefeweizen is a great beer to pair with both of these.  My mom usually makes a crab and corn chowder. The hefe definitely compliments this light cream soup. It also goes well with any of the fruits (especially banana) in my dad’s hand cut fruit salad.
For dinner, we usually build around traditional honey ham, and a chicken dish for my dad who doesn’t dig on swine. Most meats I am asked to pair, I select our Pond Jumper ASB. It’s a caramelly sweet beer with mild hoppiness which balances the savory meats. Mom usually makes an apricot glazed baked chicken with pairs well with our Weize Guy Hefeweizen or the citrusy-hopped Hip Hops Hooray.
We usually have an assortment of sides such as cinnamon and butter glazed sweet potatoes, pineapple casserole, broccoli and cheese casserole, and yes – even some vegetables. Dublin Down Irish Red is a malty spring beer that is amazing with sweet potatoes. I’d stay on the light/citrus side and drink Weize Guy or Hip Hops Hooray with the pineapple casserole. Indulge with some Pond Jumper to cut the rich delicious broccoli and cheese.
We have three excellent dessert beers to pair with all of the candy, cakes, and treats that come with Easter.  Chocolate M.I.L.F. (Microbrew I’d Like to Finish) is a rich, decadent brown ale that pairs well with milk chocolate. I like to pair our Mean Cup O’stout (coffee oatmeal stout) with dark chocolate.  For a sweet beer with added flavor, try Sap Sucker Maple Porter.