Have you checked out the Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey in Middletown, Dauphin County?
“We are Pennsylvania’s first all in one craft winery and brewery all in  the same place.” s Co-Owner “Merlot Mike” said. Five owners run it.
“We all met at a bar.” to brew up this hot spot. “We figured out between each of us we all had different skill sets.”  Mike said. A perfect blend.
” 2008 we planted our vines and we opened our doors in 2012.” Mike said. Today, it features twenty wines from reds to whites, dry to sweet, from hand- picked grapes grown next to a pond. “We have people that like to come out and set up a picnic.’ Mike said.
There’s a tasting room. “This is Firefly.  One of our signature wines.” Mike said. Another favorite, cider, and a craft bar with ten beers on tap.
“We have a mean cup of stout it is an oatmeal coffee state made with Lancaster County coffee.” said Mike. There’s a brewer’s garden for this PA Preferred business. “It’s important to us so everything we grow in the brewery what goes in the craft beer.” said Mike.
Speaking of PA Preferred, a few miles down road, another partner. “So one day I walked into the vineyard and I said hey, we’re making our own cheeses straight from milk we produce on our farm and they said great, we’ll try it.” said Kendra Nissley. She and her family own and operate
Jubilee Heritage Cheese which is paired with vineyard wines. “It’s farmstead cheese. All natural, vegetarian, gluten free. We’re very proud of the quality of the milk we produce.” said Nissley. Cheese you can check out along with upcoming events from prom night to the Harrisburg Symphony.
“Including a big July 11th military festival where we’re bringing in a Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band.” said Mike. So grab a blanket and join the fun.