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The Brewery at Hershey


Craft Beer like you have never experienced before.

In 2008, four friends enjoyed freely-flowing wine and great happy hour conversation at a local piano bar. As the discussion continued, one of the friends, who dabbled in winemaking as a hobby, made a statement as bold as the Merlot being enjoyed that evening- that Pennsylvania is capable of making a world class wine, and that he could handcraft wines that would be among the best in the region. It didn’t take long for that statement to be turned into a challenge. The winemaker lived up to his bold statement, and then some. And so the idea was born.

In 2009, The Vineyard at Hershey went from a fun idea at a piano bar among friends, to the planting of vines on a 40-acre historical farm with gorgeous views and a scenic natural springs pond.
The winery opened in 2012 and became wildly successful and well-received, so much so that customers would say, “if only you had both wine and craft beer, we’d never want to leave!” Well lo and behold if that didn’t spark another idea, leading the four friends to search for a brewmaster to join the family. The search concluded when they met a brewer whose creations knocked their socks off, fully bringing the happy hour-inspired idea from the piano bar to fruition.

Our philosophy is that enjoying an artfully crafted wine or beer is meant to be a shared experience with family and friends, just as the four friends did at that local piano bar. With an extensive list of unique wines and craft beer, The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey handcrafts every bottle for the enjoyment of new and the most experienced of palates. We trust you will taste the difference, and may our creations inspire your happy hour conversations.

Jason, Doug, Lynn, Paul
& the entire team at The Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey