Wine Tasting 101

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Date(s) - 01/19/2014
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The Vineyard at Hershey

The mystery. The intrigue. The drama. Although tasting wine can seem like an unattainable feat, approaching the process in a structured, deductive way lends logic to the magical puzzle. Ciphering the map. And, most importantly, developing your palate, your wine vocabulary, and sharpening your tasting skills.

Join us on January 19 as we welcome Alisha Bird, CSW and Ray Consoli to guide you through the basics of tasting wine with an interactive wine course.  There will be two classes, one at 1 pm and one at 3:30 pm.  Each class will begin with a behind-the-scenes tour led by Winemaker, L. Paul Vezzetti, followed by the wine & food tasting experience.  Each guest will also receive special pricing on the six featured wines!

About the Class

Learning how to taste wine from these two experts will create an opportunity to formulate a sharp, focused, objective evaluation of the wine.  You may find that you lean toward perceiving the wine in a more shiny light and present a better report card simply because of the outrageous price tag.  Maybe the wine is totally hipster and all the cool kids drink it.  And you desperately want to drink like the cool kids.  These factors, amidst an array of others, may swing and twist your ‘objective’ opinion, subconsciously or otherwise. The best way to make an honest, transparent assessment is to know nothing at all and begin with a blank slate.  But, do also keep in mind your unique lifeprint of experiences and taste memories, your chemistry, and even barometric pressure impacts the way in which you process taste at any given moment. Sensitivity to tannin, acid, sulphur, or cork taint. Your preferences are shaped by these components and previous taste experience and absolutely impact the way in which you taste, and drink, wine. Literally, you taste differently than any other person on earth. Determining what a lemon tastes like to you is key. Understanding how the world perceives of the particular taste you process as ‘lemon’ is the next, and deeper step. Thus, your tasting process, notes, and your tastes translate to an entirely unique tasting experience. Embrace your individuality in taste!

This unique class will allow you, the taster, to concentrate on the intricate, delicate and quiet aspects of the wine. While striving to pinpoint the typicity, style of the wines (all made by L. Paul Vezzetti), your sense will be sharpened to identifying layers of aromas, flavors or styles. Our guests will help you strive to isolate the subtle and look past the obvious, peel back the layers and understand the structure.  They will guide you through the basics of tasting with an interactive wine course.  Much tasting. And wine discussion.  And paired foods. Practical knowledge.  They will share professional tips on what you really need to know about deductive wine tasting, as well as how to tranlsate your wine tasting savvy in the real world.  Good times, wine friends.  Come on over and get educated!

About the Presenters

Alisha Bird is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University where she completed her Associates degree in Culinary Arts and Bachelors in Food Service Management.  Johnson & Wales is also where her advanced wine studies began with the completion of the Certified Specialist of Wine exam.  Alisha is a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and Certified Mixologist.  Currently, she is in the process of completing the Diploma Level of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.

Ray Consoli is a graduate of Pennsylvania College where he majored in Hospitality Management.  Ray has honed his skills pairing food and wine in this area for the past 30 years.  He is known for his value conscious approach to selecting wines and can also find you that perfect premium selection to turn a dinner into an event.



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