Happy Easter!  Pairing Ideas from the Winemaker…
Well the long weekend has arrived, and I’m using the part of this morning to wonder about what my wife’s family will be making for the Easter holiday.   To be sure, no holiday dinner would be complete without a good bottle or two of wine.  So, I thought I’d offer some thoughts on how to pair Easter foods w/ some of our wines.
Honey Glazed Ham:  The Pink Catawba and Twisted Kiss  would be excellent choices.
Saltier Hams:  The Gewurztraminer or Seyval Blanc would be good for a white (you want something w/ a bit of acidity), and if your thinking red, I’d try the chambourcin.
Lamb:  Try the new Cab Franc, Its one of our driest reds and sure to impress.
Of course, I know mom and dad will no doubt be sneaking a bite or two of the kids’ Easter treats.  While you can fool them, I know better…
White Chocolate: Twisted Kiss  or the Moscato (White chocolate truffles work especially well w/ the Moscato)
Milk Chocolate: The Blackberry Portrait, or the Peanut Butter Cider.  (Generally I don’t recommend milk chocolate and wine pairings, but these will work nicely)
Dark Chocolate (the higher the cacoa percentage the better): Firefly, Merlot, or Cab Franc  (My recommendation is to go w/ the  Firefly, I’ve always enjoyed Cabernet and dark chocolate together.)
Peeps: Try a semi-sweet/sweet Riesling.  Yes, WINE AND PEEPS.
Lastly, if any of you will be partaking in Easter Brunch; let me highly recommend the Moscato…   Its great alone, but its really versatile too.  It makes a great mimosa, can be used in Bellini’s.  If you fancy something a little  stronger, look up a French 75 aka “Soixante Quinze.”  In case your wondering, its named after a 75mm field gun the French used in WW-I.  Use our Moscato and may I recommend Bluecoat Gin (also made in PA).
Thanks for reading folks…  Here’s wishing you a safe and enjoyable Easter Holiday with family and friends from alal of us at the Vineyard at Hershey.  …and don’t forget, if you’re looking for something fun to do this summer, our Friday Night Concert Season Tickets are currently on sale (USE PROMO CODE APRIL)