Well everyone,  just wanted to drop everyone a note about an upcoming wine release,  the Moscato.  Its been quite a journey for this one, and I know a lot of people out ‘there’ are interested in it, but first, some background:
Moscato is very much in vogue right now, not without reason.  Some of the more traditional producers, as I’m sure you’ve guessed are located in Italy.  Most often, this wine is just labeled as “Moscato,” but its not terribly uncommon to come across “Moscato d’Asti (which just means that the wine is produced in the Piedmont region of Italy).
Its not terribly different from another sparkling wine, which perhaps more people have heard of: Asti Spumante.  That being said, Moscato tends to made in a more nuanced style that highlights its uniqueness.
You can see in the pictures below (from those beautiful clear bottles) that our Moscato is a wonderful straw yellow color.  In terms of tasting notes, I’m just going to with ‘awesome’.
For those who want a little bit more, here you go:  Moscato is another one of those wines where aromatics are so important (Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Sauv Blanc, etc).  Ours doesn’t disappoint, with orange blossom, peach, honeysuckle and a little bit of citrus on the nose.  Some of those descriptors are carried through to the taste as well with peach, apricot, and honeysuckle playing center stage.  Its light in body and even though this is a sweet wine, the sparkling nature of it helps cut through, highlight the competing flavors, and ultimately produce a wonderfully balanced tasting experience.Moscato1-150x133 Moscato2-150x112 Moscato3-150x112