‘Twas the night before Christmas, and the stars above the vineyard were shining, everyone was passed out in their beds, after indulging in some much-needed #Wineing.
The farmhouse was quiet, not a crumb on the floors, which was quite an accomplishment, after all those VIP tours.
Then all of the sudden, there was a jiggling of the locks, apparently Santa needed a break and wanted some delicious Crimson Fox!
Jason Reimer heard the noise and ran downstairs to see what was the matter, and ended up engaging with Santa in several hours of chatter! (see, it’s funny because it’s true; this is called #Reimering)
Many tastings later, Santa wasn’t able to keep steady, and he was going to need some help delivering toys, thanks to Winemaker Paul Vezzetti! (#PaulingDownDrunk)
Doug Gellatly knew just what to do, there was no need for Santa to hire, Doug sent out smoke signals by the pond after building the world’s largest bonfire! (also known as #Gellatlying)
Rudolph was getting anxious, with a loud noise approaching from far away, why, it was Merlot Mike’s helicopter, dropping him off to save the day!
Firefly and Twisted Kiss would prevent Christmas from being a loss, Merlot Mike lit up Rudolph’s red nose and flew that sleigh like a boss! (#Winning)
Delivering toys to all the boys and girls, Merlot Mike used every ounce of energy in his body, he even gave wine to all the parents…because some of their kids were freakin’ naughty!
A few friends got extra special presents, for being so helpful to The Vineyard at Hershey scene, friends like Sara Bozich, Paul Vigna, The JDK Group, Members 1st and Premier 1 Limousine.
Christmas had been saved, and so Rudolph took off into the night, As Merlot Mike yelled from above, “Merry #Wineing to alllllll…and too all a wine flight!”
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!