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From whimsical and refreshing whites to bold and flavorful reds, and everything in between, The Vineyard at Hershey handcrafts every bottle of wine for the enjoyment of new and the most experienced of palates. In total, we produce more than 15,000 bottles of wine without ever sacrificing our winemaker’s philosophy that the best wines are created with a passionate attention to detail and by growing grapes and producing wine in limited quantities. All of our artisan wines are designed to be enjoyed young and vibrant, or, for our dry wines, enjoyed cellared and graceful with age.

We are confident that you will find wines to suit your own tastes, as well as those suitable for gift-giving. To help plan your visit to the Vineyard, our winemaker has provided his tasting notes for each wine. We cannot wait to see what you taste while enjoying our wines. We trust you will taste the difference.

Whites and Blushes

Image Name Description Availability
2011 Unoaked Chardonnay by The Vineyard at Hershey Unoaked ChardonnayUnoaked Chardonnay Dry White: Floral notes with hints of fresh butter, almond, and honey. Pairs well with pasta dishes made with cream or cheese, and with almost any seafood dish. Serve chilled. Available
2011 Oaked Chardonnay by The Vineyard at Hershey Oaked ChardonnayOaked Chardonnay Dry White: A more complex chardonnay with added perceptions of vanilla and caramel and butterscotch. Pairs well with full flavored pasta and seafood dishes. Serve chilled. Available
2011 Seyval Blanc by The Vineyard at Hershey Seyval BlancSeyval Blanc Semi-Dry White: Crisp, and light bodied. This wine has attractive scents of melon, apricot, and peach. Lightly oaked. Pairs well appetizers, fish and salads. Serve chilled. Available
Dry Riesling Dry RieslingDry Riesling Dry White:  Aromatic and crisp with strong citrus notes. Notes of apricot, pear, and tropical fruit.   Pairs well with delicate seafood and chicken dishes. Coming Soon
Gewürztraminer GewürztraminerGewürztraminer Semi-Dry White: Crisp, and medium bodied. This wine has a rose petal-like aroma and an interesting flavor profile of grapefruit and spice.  Pairs well with pork, goat cheese, and other exotic-spiced cuisine. Available
2011 Niagara by The Vineyard at Hershey NiagaraNiagara Sweet White: Classic ‘grapey’ flavor. A great choice for a picnic or relaxing in the summer heat. Serve chilled. Available
Sweet Riesling Sweet RieslingSweet Riesling Sweet White: A sweet alternative to our dry Riesling; great with fresh fruit, cheeses, and other sweet dessert items. Serve chilled. Coming Soon
Wine image not available Sparkling MoscatoSparkling Moscato  Sweet Sparkling White:  Sure to be a hit.  Flirty and fun, our Moscato is carried by notes of honeysuckle, peach and citrus.   Serve chilled. Coming Soon
2011 Pink Catawba by The Vineyard at Hershey Pink CatawbaPink Catawba Sweet Blush: Fragrant with notes grapefruit, melon, and mango.  This light to medium bodied wine pairs exceptionally well with pork dishes and barbecue.  Serve chilled. Available
2011 Twisted Kiss by The Vineyard at Hershey Twisted KissTwisted Kiss Sweet Blush: A whimsical blend of white and red. Light to medium bodied with perceptions of lush tropical fruit and faint hints of strawberry. Serve chilled. Available


2011 Crimson Fox by The Vineyard at Hershey Crimson FoxCrimson Fox Sweet Red: Excellent choice for those who enjoy sweet wine. This red is made in the tradition of our winemaker’s Italian-American heritage. Classic concord flavors. Serve chilled. Available
2011 Merlot by The Vineyard at Hershey MerlotMerlot Dry Red/Limited: Medium bodied, with a pleasant color and tones of plums, cherries and black pepper. Strong but balanced tannins from 100% new oak. Pairs well with red meat and game. Serve at room temperature. Available
2011 Chambourcin by The Vineyard at Hershey ChambourcinChambourcin Dry Red/Limited: Medium bodied, with a unique flavor profile. Lightly oaked. Sometimes referred to as “Pennsylvania Zinfandel”. Pairs well with poultry, red meat, pork, and pastas. Serve at room temperature. Available
2011 Firefly by The Vineyard at Hershey FireflyFirefly Dry Red: Full bodied, A perfect blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot; dark fruit with notes of plum, currant and spice. Its warm with a pleasant finish and a lasting mouthfeel. Available
Wine image not available TrilogyTrilogy Dry Red: Full bodied, Traditional Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.  Pleasant spices and hints of plum, currant and licorice. Coming Soon


Wine image not available PeachPeach Sweet Fruit: Straw colored and crisp, this wine takes everything we love about peaches and wine and mixes them together. Great alone, or as a sangria ingredient. Serve chilled. Coming Soon
2012 Red Raspberry by The Vineyard at Hershey Red RaspberryRaspberry Fresh and sweet aromas lead to a rich, sweet red raspberry explosion of flavor; the finish goes forever and the sweetness is balanced by the natural tartness of the raspberries. Available
2012 Blackberry Portrait by The Vineyard at Hershey Blackberry PortraitBlackberry Rich, fresh and true to the fruit, this wine combines the freshest blackberries and brandy for a perfect fortified wine. Features a beautiful color with a hint of smokiness that will make it a hit! Available
Blueberry Wine BlueberryBlueberry The perfect blend of sun-ripened blueberries and Niagara grapes for added complexity. Handcrafted with just enough residual sugar to balance and hold together the competing flavors. Available