1-e1369069740582-225x300 2-e1369069808946-225x300Its been a busy spring in the vineyard, but I thought I’d finally sit down at a computer to say hello and talk a little about spring vineyard management.
Since my last post we’ve: finished pruning/training, moved around a considerable amount of dirt, planted another 120 vines (with the help of some great volunteers), experienced bud-break and now we’re in to the real growing season.  Its been a good start so far, with a couple of cross-your-finger moments due to some low temperatures.   We’ve been lucky though and I haven’t seen any frost damage of note.
You can see some pictures I took over the weekend of how things are coming along in the vineyard at the bottom of the page.   Flower clusters are out and the next stage of growth will be the when the buds on the clusters pop open.  Shortly after that, we’ll start seeing actual grape berries beginning to develop.  Don’t worry, I’ll take a few shots when that happens in a couple weeks.   ~Paul