Wine Menu

Dry White Wines

Unoaked Chardonnay: A dry, white wine with floral notes and hints of fresh butter, almond, and honey.


Dry Riesling:  A dry white wine that is aromatic and crisp with pleasant citrus notes. Nuances of apricot, pear and tropical fruit.


Gewurztraminer: A semi-dry white wine that is medium bodied with a refreshing crispness.  The unique rose-petal aroma is buoyed by the flavors of grapefruit and spice.  Pairs well with pork, goat cheese, and exotic-spiced cuisine.


Pinot Grigio: A true Italian wine, slightly re-imagined with just a hint of residual sugar.  This off-dry white features lush tropical fruit overtones, notably, pineapple.  Serve with seafood: scallops, grilled shrimp, & white pasta sauces.

Dry Red Wines

Firefly: This full-bodied red wine is a perfect blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, combining dark fruit with notes of plum, currant, and spice.  This wine has a warm, pleasant finish.


Merlot: A full-bodied, fruit forward Merlot that doesn’t disappoint on the finish.  While initial flavors of cherry plan center stage, softer flavors of tobacco, leather and oak peak out on the finish.


Chambourcin: This dry, red wine has distinctive black cherry and plum aromas with an excellent structure and oak on the finish.


Semi Sweet & Sweet Wines

Twisted Kiss: A sweet blend of white Vidal and red Chambourcin, this wine has hints of tropical fruit and subtle strawberry flavors.


Pink Catawba: This semi-sweet blush has notes of grapefruit, melon, and mango.  This Catawba pairs well with port and barbecue.


Crimson Fox: This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy sweet wines.  This red lambrusco-style wine is made in the tradition of our winemaker’s Italian-American heritage.


Niagara: A classic, sweet white wine with a grapey flavor.  This is a great choice in the summer for a picnic.


Sweet Riesling: A sweet alternative to our Dry Riesling, great with fresh fruit, cheeses, and other dessert items.


Dessert & Fruit Wines

Cocoa di Vezzetti: Fortified with brandy and aged with a blend of roasted cocoa nibs, this unique and curious port style wine has notes of chocolate covered cherries.


Blackberry Portrait (375 ml): Silky, bold, and perfectly balanced, this dessert wine combines the freshest blackberries and aged Brandy making for a perfect experience. Features a beautiful color, with a wisp of smokiness.


Strawberry – Rich and full of strawberry flavor, this 100% strawberry wine has been carbonated to showcase its wonderful aromas. Great alone, or as a cocktail or sangria base. Serve well chilled.